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    In the new digital age, data has often been called the new oil. It is the 21st Century energy that empowers enterprises, governments, societies and consumer behaviour.


    When harnessed and managed wisely and creatively, data has the potential to create a utopia for business, government and society, resolving fundamental problems and challenges, enabling greater evidence-­based decision making and intelligent operations. It can drive efficiencies, build competitive or operational advantage, reduce costs and minimise risk. It can also empower innovative new products, services and business models, creating better ways of working and engaging with customers, partners and stakeholders.


    But, if managed poorly, governed carelessly and wielded unwisely, it can create dystopian outcomes for business, government and society. Compliance failure, wasted opportunities, cost­ blowouts, failed strategies and damage to the bottom­ line. It can undermine trust in institutions, destroy business reputations, restrict growth, and obliterate value.


    DATATOPIA Congress & Expo 2017 has been created as a unique forum for exploring the alternative potentialities of data utopia and data dystopia.


    Drawing on the experience, knowledge and insights of real world practitioners, case


    With 4 x co-­located, thematically aligned summits, 50+ expert global and local presenters, 350+ attendees, innovators, experts, entrepreneurs, analysts and change­ makers from around the world, 30+ solution providers and one massive solution expo, this is shaping up as the largest, most exciting, inspiring and informative data event in the APAC region in 2017.


    Through a truly innovative and entirely new interactive peer­-to­-peer format, DATATOPIA 2017 Congress & Expo will offer two mind­ expanding days of visionary thought-­leadership insights, eye­ opening keynote presentations, ground­-breaking best practice case studies, interactive think­-tanks, peer­-to­-peer round table discussions, challenging debates, solution showcases, deep dive breakouts, idea "pitchfests", solution hack­-a-­thons, innovation explorations and inspirational presentations designed to engage, illuminate and educate all who take part.


    A separately bookable third day of interactive practical workshops will also allow attendees to delve deeper and walk away with real world knowledge and practical skills to help their organisations create their own “datatopia”!



    All-in-one access with something for every business, technology and data professional

    Harnessing next generation BI & analytics to thrive in an age of digital disruption

    Business Intelligence is back with a vengeance!

    After all the big data hype of recent years, companies are again refocusing on building their strategic and operational enterprise BI capability. But much has changed in recent years in the BI & analytics space, with a number of game­ changing solutions from the traditional market leaders, as well as from fast­-rising and disruptive challenger companies. For technology and business leaders, the challenge of navigating a coherent path through the new BI and analytics landscape is more difficult than ever. Many of the principles remain the same, but there are many new paths, innovations and best practices available for creating a truly intelligent business in the digital era.


    The Business Intelligence & Analytics Leaders Summit, will provide a deep exploration of the latest developments, real world innovations and ground­breaking case studies, thought­-leadership and best­-of-­breed next­-generation tools, technologies and innovations for creating the truly intelligent digital enterprise.


    Participants will find out how to get ahead of the field and discover how they can harness the power of next generation business analytics, predictive analytics, data visualisation, dashboards, mobile BI, collaborative BI, data warehousing, agile BI, big data analytics, R, cloud-­based BI, SAAS BI, self­-service BI, in­-memory analytics and real­time analytics.

    Mastering data governance to minimise risk, empower innovation and ensure compliance

    The region's largest, longest running and most critically acclaimed data summit!

    Now in its 12th year, the MDM & Data Governance Summit Asia Pacific, is the leading event in the region focused on data governance, master data management, data quality and reference data, attracting more than 3500 attendees since its inception in 2006. Interest in data governance continues to grow as companies struggle to implement the technical and human systems and procedures that ensure their data and information assets are properly managed, accurate, reliable and fit for purpose.


    Data governance and MDM are fundamental enablers of BI and analytics, IoT, supply chain performance, regulatory compliance, privacy management, and overall fit­-for­-purpose information management. Business critical tools and best practices for preventing data dystopia.


    This year’s summit will explore the latest innovations in data governance best practices, organisational structures and best-­of­-breed tools for multi­ domain MDM for products, customers, services, supply chain and reference data, MDM and governance in the cloud, mobile master data management, social data governance, data quality, RDM, CDM, and data integration.

    Optimising your data infrastructure for peak performance, efficiency and scalability

    Discover how to get the most from your data infrastructure ​investments

    The human, architectural and infrastructure foundations underpinning enterprise information and data management have undergone radical change in recent years. The continued evolution of cloud platform offerings, and the emergence of hyper-­convergence, data lakes, agile warehousing, collaborative infrastructures, virtualisation, machine learning platforms, IoT and multi­-vendor "hybridised" infrastructures have made CIO’s & CTO's jobs more challenging than ever. The strategic potential is enormous, but navigating a coherent path through this confusing landscape is fundamental for success.


    When coupled with changing approaches to multi­-sourcing, automation and data storage, server technology innovation, identity access and security, the challenge of optimising this mix can be become overwhelming. This summit will focus on the high­-level strategies, innovations and best practices for ensuring optimisation, efficiency and performance of data and information infrastructure, providing CIOs, CTOs, CDOs and IT Leaders with invaluable insights needed to drive efficiency, effectiveness, scalability and performance.

    Wielding data, information and digital technology for positive social impact

    How can data and digital technology be used to make the world a better place?

    There is a growing realisation and deep interest in how innovative use of data, technology and human capital can be harnessed to solve some of the most pressing and difficult problems at the core of society.


    This Summit, the first of its kind in Australia, will look at how technology and data­-driven problem solving can be leveraged for social impact. Whether it be outcomes for education, health, the environment, city resilience, social cohesion or civil society - data and technology are increasingly central to making the world a better place.


    Concepts like citizen science, Blockchain, smart cities, smart applications, eHealth and data­-enabled urban resilience are amongst the innovations at the forefront of this trend. The Data & Tech for Impact Summit will outline ways that data and technology are working to create a more utopian world. It will bring together and connect data scientists, from both academia and industry, with business, NGOs, social entrepreneurs, public sector and non­profit partners to share stories of inspiration, smart ideas, ground­breaking innovations and world-­changing insights that can radically impact social outcomes and help to create a better world.



    Two mind­ expanding days of visionary thought-­leadership insights, eye­ opening keynote presentations, ground­-breaking best practice case studies, interactive think­-tanks, peer­-to­-peer round table discussions, challenging debates, solution showcases, deep dive breakouts, idea "pitchfests", solution hack­-a-­thons, innovation explorations and inspirational presentations designed to engage, illuminate and educate all who take part.

    4 x World-Class Summits

    Thematically aligned, co-located, one-ticket-access, something for all business and technology leaders

    350+ Attendees

    Build your professional network with high-level decision-makers, experts, practitioners, innovators, entrepreneurs, analysts and change­ makers from Australia and around the world

    50+ World-Class Speakers

    Real world case studies, insights and best practices from leading global and local companies. Interactive peer-to-peer discussions. Learn from expert practitioners, not vendor sales-pitches.

    30+ Exhibitors

    Perform due-diligence on the leading tools, technologies and solution providers in one place. Gain valuable insights into all the pieces of the data, technology and infrastructure puzzle and discover how to optimise for efficiency, scalability and performance

    1 x Interactive Solution Expo

    Hands-on experiential, interactive innovation and solution demonstrations, solution deep-dives, one-on-one meetings, small group breakouts.

    More opportunities to engage, be inspired and learn​

    • Best Practice Case Studies 
    • Thought-Leader Keynote Presentations 
    • Showcase Solution Expo from the Leading Vendors and Solution Providers 
    • Hi-Tech, Hands-On, One-on-One or Small Group Product & Solution Demonstrations 
    • Interactive Panel Discussions 
    • Small Group Breakout Sessions and Topic Deep Dives 
    • Targeted One-On-One Engagement Opportunities 
    • Independent Market Analysis from the World’s Number One Analyst 
    • Vendor Innovation Showcase Presentations 
    • Multiple Structured and Informal Networking Opportunities Sponsored Cocktail Reception, Gala Dinner, Barista, Juice Bar and Deep Dive Breakfast Networking Session 


    Separately Bookable Post-Congress Learning Opportunities​

    Post-congress, deep dive, practical, interactive, guided learning opportunities to help you and your team master the nuts and bolts of key challenging disciplines.




    Discover why Enterprise IQ events are regularly rated as the best in the market by attendees and sponsors alike ­- and why they keep coming back, year after year!​

    1. For the past eleven years, Enterprise IQ has produced Australia’s largest, most thought­-provoking and critically acclaimed independent events focused on data management. Our MDM & Data Governance Summit APAC is the largest and longest running event in the region, attracting more than 3500 attendees since its inception in 2006. Our previous Business Intelligence, Big Data and Data Warehousing summits were all the widely regarded as the biggest and most popular independent events in Australia.
    2. For 2017, the MDM & DG Summit will be co­located with three additional world­ class summits as part of the DATATOPIA 2017 Congress & Expo – making it the biggest data-­focused event in the APAC region this year.
    3. Our audience of high­-level decision makers, will rely on the event to help them critically assess, evaluate and formulate their strategies – and influence their buying decisions. The Congress will bring together all the components of the data solution ecosystem, making it easier to see how all the pieces of the puzzle fit together
    4. Our unique programme format, will allow deeper engagement, interaction and relationship building opportunities with a larger, more diverse and more purposeful audience.
    5. Meet face-­to-­face with existing and potential clients and customers in our hands-­on showcase exhibition, networking hall and small­-group breakout rooms. The focus is on facilitated discussion and purposeful conversations designed for more valuable network building with key buyers and decision­-makers.
    6. Host small­-group, targeted, interactive breakout sessions and private room product demonstrations with potential customers to build engagement, awareness and generate real interest in your products and solutions
    7. Enjoy a dynamic, friendly and high-­powered social networking environment that is conducive to building long­-lasting and successful business connections
    8. Benefit from opportunities to present Customer Case Studies or Keynote Presentations, be part of Thought­Leader Interactive Panel Discussion Forums or demo your products & services in a plenary session or private, one-­on-­one and small group settings
    9. Gain unrivalled exposure for your brand, product and service offerings, through our comprehensive media, industry user group and social networking partnerships
    10. Enjoy access to the eIQ Archive & Network – with more than 1000 information and data management executive members – to submit white papers, articles, case studies and other material
    11. Become hosts of Networking Cocktails, Barista Coffee Maker, Juice Bar, Delegate Satchels or Networking Breakfast or Dinner and keep your brand front of mind with the delegates
    12. Enjoy targeted, relevant and compelling brand exposure to a contact database of more than 12,000 high-­level decision makers from the region, via a comprehensive, integrated marketing and sales campaign

    FIND OUT MORE: Email us at info@enterpriseiq.com.au for a sponsorship prospectus​


    • CIOs, CDOs, CTOs, COOs, CMOs 
    • VPs, Directors, & Senior Managers for: IT, Data, Applications, Solutions, Enterprise Technology, Business Intelligence, Analytics, Digital, Transformation, Integration, Infrastructure, Governance, Systems, Data Quality, Customer Experience, Customer Engagement, Compliance, Information Governance, CRM, Business Analysis, Solutions, Software & Information Systems. 
    • Data, Information & Technology Architects, responsible for translating business strategic vision into pragmatic delivery programs 
    • Senior Business Strategists and LOB Managers charged with deploying competitive differentiating technologies to dramatically increase customer service levels, reduce operational costs, improve performance and increase marketing effectiveness 
    • Data Stewards, Data Quality Managers, IT Implementers, and Project and Program Managers responsible for increasing the value and effectiveness of master data such as customer, product, supplier, and pricing 


    The programme for DATATOPIA Congress is currently in production.

    Please check back for more information over the coming weeks, or send us an email at info@enterpriseiq.com.au


    The programme for DATATOPIA Congress & Expo is currently in production and registration will not be open until April.

    For information on tickets, how to pre-register, or for details about partnership and exhibition opportunities, please send us an email via the form below, or contact Daniel McMurray on +61 403 771 785

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