• Masterclass & Breakouts


    Post-Summit - Full Day MasterClass

    (Separately Bookable)

    Fast-Track Your Data Governance Programme

    Anwar Mirza, Global Head of Data Governance

    TNT Express (Netherlands)




    This full-day interactive Masterclass walks you, step-by-step, through the process of constructing a high quality Data Governance program that is specific to your own organisation. You will receive practical examples of fundamentals through to deep practical insight so that you can create a comprehensive Roadmap for your program.


    This Masterclass will cleverly guide you through compiling a Data Governance framework that is aligned with your company’s strategic priorities to ensure buy-in and furthermore, develops your Business Case which uniquely measures the tangible business impacts. Learn sustainable ways of mobilising the company workforce to deliver the program and its benefits using a Stewardship Network with governed collaboration.


    Take the ''5 Day Challenge'' to prepare for the start of your journey and put together the basic outline to present to senior Management without the use of expensive consulting.


    This course has been attracting sold-out audiences across Europe for the past year. Anwar brings his unique mix of data governance, financial acumen and real-world experience to help you gain mastery of your enterprise data governance.


    FULL-DAY - MASTERCLASS AGENDA - Thursday 31st August

    (Separately Bookable)


    9:00am – 11:00am


    How to present Data Governance in a manner that is structured and understood across the entire organisation


    • Setting an actionable Data Governance mission and vision


    • Developing a baseline Data Governance framework


    • Aligning the framework to strategic initiatives; areas of focus and priority


    • Deep-dive topics


    11:15am – 12:30pm


    How to explain the ways in which data tangibly impacts the top line revenues and bottom line profitability


    • Quantifying the cost of poorly managed data


    • Specialist techniques to make Data Quality tangible


    • Presenting the costs and benefits as one component of a Business Case


    1:30pm – 3:00pm


    How to engage and sustainably prepare the organisation to deploy, enforce and deliver Data Governance and its benefits


    • Organisation, Roles & Responsibilities


    • Data awareness and education for all levels of the company


    • Identifying, prioritising and differentiating different components of the Program


    3:15pm – 4:30pm


    Preparing the planning and activities upon return to the office


    • Preparing the workshops that gather the content for the program launch


    • The 5-Day Challenge


    • Q&A Feedback and Close


    Future Visions Breakout

    Future Visions Breakout Session

    New Frontiers at the Intersection of AR, Big Data, IoT and Machine Learning

    Gaia Dempsey, Co-Founder | AR & Technology Futurist


    Here is a rare opportunity to join a small-group, interactive breakout discussion with one of the world's leading futurists and a leading expert on augmented reality, virtual reality, IoT and emerging technology trends.


    The intersection of these technology trends with big data, automation, robotics and machine-learning, are already radically impacting business, health & safety, on-the-job learning and supply chain management.


    This breakout session will provide participants an opportunity to learn new insights, bounce ideas of experts and peers, and gain a deeper understanding of how these technologies are likely to impact their business in the near future.

  • Data Governance Beginners Breakout

    Interactive Breakout Session

    Simplifying the Implementation of Data Governance - A Beginners Guide

    Richard Cranitch

    Independent Data Governance Expert & Consultant



    Intended audience

    This 90 minute interactive breakout session is intended for people whom are relatively new to data governance and are looking at setting up a data governance capability, or those who want a refresher on data governance capability, tools and techniques that could assist with any hurdles and challenges.


    Richard demystifies data governance by providing easy to understand, step-by-step approach that can be performed by a sole resource or small team. Richard's approach is practical and can be done in small steps or through an iterative approach. The topics covered in this interactive session include:

    1. What is Data Governance and why is data governance so important to any organisation large or small?
    2. Data Governance Roles and Forums – What do we need to get started?
    3. The importance of identifying and treating Information as an asset
    4. Building an Information Asset Register
    5. Assigning data quality to Information assets
    6. Managing Information as an asset by utilising the data governance structure
    Richard Cranitch has successfully implemented Data Governance in a number of organisations from large corporate through to state and local government. Richard’s approach is to demystify the Data Governance capability and ensure that any implementation is customised to appetite, size and complexity of the organisation. Richard is extremely passionate about Data Governance and his easy to understand approach works very well in communicating the importance of data governance to any audience.
  • Enterprise Architecture Breakout

    Interactive Breakout Session

    Creating a Modern Enterprise Data Management Architecture

    George Bassili, Principal

    IM Systems

    Intended audience:

    This two hour deep-dive, interactive session is suitable for:

    Non-technical audience. CIOs, Business People, Enterprise Architects

    What will you learn?
    In today's world, we must deal with more complexity than ever before, (i.e.. big data, ungoverned data access), but the design patterns and architectures we often utilise have remained the same. Can we extend them to enable us to better address current challenges? Or is there a different way?


    In many organisations, business users have adopted BI/reporting tools that support “ungoverned” data access, enabling them to bypass the limitations of the data warehouse and its restrictive governance model. But this has created more DQ problems. To address these, many organisations have adopted industry standard data governance frameworks, with limited success. This is because the framework needs to be tailored to address the organisation's specific challenges around people and process. It's even more challenging now that many business processes are digital-enabled and can be executed across multiple devices.


    Beyond data quality, consider the challenge of information security and sharing. Organisations need to adopt security polices and technology to prevent data breaches, whilst maintaining easy access for those with legitimate purposes. In the government sector, there is also a push to make more data publicly available to support private sector innovation such as app development.


    Some organisations are using the new “Data Lake” approach which offers greater agility and reduced storage costs when deployed on the cloud. However, many organisations have inadvertently created a “data swamp” – with no one quite sure what’s lurking inside the lake.


    In there an approach that overcomes these limitations? In this talk we define the key features of a modern enterprise information architecture and supporting data governance framework.



    George has more than 20 years of experience in the area of Information Management (IM) and has worked as a Principal consultant at IM Systems since 2007 (see imsystems.com.au).


    George is an expert in the area of Information Management Strategy & Architecture, and has assisted many Public and Private organisations to develop Information Management, Master Data Management and Data Governance strategies. From 1994-2003 George was the product architect of a commercially available BI solution that was utilised by hundreds of Fortune 1000 companies around the world. George has a Computer Science degree and MBA from Monash University.



    Interactive Breakout Session

    Creating a Modern Enterprise Data Management Architecture (cont'd)

    Leeten Chin, Principal

    IM Systems


    Leeten has over 20 years of experience in Enterprise Systems and Information Management. Over the course of his career, Leeten has competently held key technical roles on numerous large business transformation projects, including as a Principal consultant leading large technical teams; or as a Solution, Technical or Information Architect responsible for ensuring technology alignment with business objectives. Leeten has implemented enterprise systems in various industries including Transportation, Government, Utilities and Banking.

  • Data Monetisation Breakout

    Interactive Breakout Session

    Information "Value" Governance (IVG) and Data Monetisation 

    Martin Spratt, Principal

    Clear DQ

    Increasingly, organisations and governments are looking to improve their understanding of the "value" of their information to citizens, staff, customers, patients, suppliers and investors. Leading companies are increasing the value of their organisations (on and off the balance sheet) through Intellectual Property and Intangible Assets including digital information assets. Contemporary Information Governance regimes need to recognise and manage risk, but also understand how information value can be created/destroyed and measured.


    This session looks at the convergence of several mature Information Capability models, and their embedded IVG regimes, and using case studies, demonstrate how your IG regime can carry commercial metrics that influence strategic decision making.



    For 35+ years Martin Spratt has worked at the innovation-edge of the Information Management industry. Today, he is a respected contributor in an emerging fraternity of global specialists in the complex intersection of IP Law, Finance, Accounting and Technology, in the area of Information Value (referred to as Infonomics). His pioneering research and approach to the automated capture and measurement of commercial metrics that drive Information Governance and Strategy has been lauded by clients and peers. He is a former IBM Director of Lab Services in Asia and IBM Silicon Valley Lab resident, with experience in Data Service Commoditsation, Data Product Licensing, Data Monetisation and Asset-backed Crypto-currencies. He operates a global Information Value advisory practice for Business, Government and Startups with operations in Atlanta and Melbourne.

  • Interactive Breakout Sessions

    (Details and leaders to be confirmed)

    ​​Additional breakout sessions will run over the two days on the following topics. (Full details of sessions and leaders to follow):

    • Cyber-security
    • Blockchain
    • AI & Big Data
    • Cloud Strategy
    • Platforms
    • Pervasive & Predictive Analytics
    • Infrastructure Optimisation
    • Open Data
  • Total Tech Challenge

    Interactive Real-Time Development Session

    Yair Iny, CEO

    Brendan Bates, CTO

    ICM Consulting

    Can a team of talented software developers create an entire application during the course of the Congress? When they go on stage, they have no idea what digital product idea they have to bring to life. Can they do it? Will it all come together before the Congress ends?


    Day One

    1st Session: The Brief
    The Challenge kicks off as the ICM Consulting team interview a real client with a real problem. With the brief clear and some input from the audience, the coders will begin their live problem solving.


    2nd Session: Getting Started
    The ICM Consulting team return to the stage to share their progress. Are they on track to solve the problem and build the solution in time?


    Day Two
    3rd Session: Momentum
    With the Challenge now 24 hours in, the ICM Consulting team reports on their progress. The clock is ticking and the client is waiting. Pressure mounts!

    4th session: The Reveal
    As the clock counts down to zero, the ICM Consulting team will reveal what can be built in just 30 hours. See the source code, play with the results and realise the potential of cutting-edge technologies.